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Register Other Travel

This section is for Ohio State students traveling on international academic or co-curricular programs that are not administered by the Office of International Affairs (OIA). Education abroad programs administered by OIA are those programs for which students apply and are admitted directly through OIA. 

Three weeks prior to departure, students engaging in Non-OIA administered travel should register their travel to:
  1. Complete university protocol for international travel, including potential completion of the approval process for travel to a risk designated country.
  2. Enroll in the supplemental international health & security insurance.
  3. Register in the university's international emergency response protocol. 
  4. Receive additional health and safety information to prepare for their travel. 
Students admitted to an OIA education abroad program are automatically registered and do not need to complete this process.
Ohio State Group Travel
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Student Organization Group Travel
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Ohio State-Supported Individual Travel
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Individual Travel
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To explore OIA education abroad programs, utilize the program directory search. If you have a question about which registration to use, please contact