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Programs : Program Course Equivalency Search

Use this page to view a list of pre-approved Ohio State courses offered on this program.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure an appropriate academic fit students must select courses in consultation with both their Ohio State academic advisor and the Host/Provider contact.
PRO TIP: Click on the triangle in the code column below to view the Ohio State Course Equivalent and other important information on courses that are(active)

PLEASE NOTE: To request approval for a course not listed below, follow the steps outlined in the credit evaluation process. This course list includes only those pre-approved by an Ohio State academic unit. It is not meant to serve as a comprehensive list of courses available on the program and some courses may no longer be offered by CYA (College Year in Athens).
Code Title Ohio State Credits Course Status Multiselect 2 Approved By
COMM 360/BUS 360
Active    Jennifer Scott 
PSCI 326
Active    Charles Smith 
PSCI 348
Active    Charles Smith 
COMM 345
Active    Jennifer Scott 
PSCI 384
Active    Charles Smith 
PSCI 363
Active    Charles Smith